Wall decoration company number #1

We have signed on numerous projects since 2000. Thanks to our vision based on customer satisfaction, we are the number 1 wall decoration company in the industry.

We Work Focused On Customer Satisfaction

We dedicate our experience in the wall decoration industry to customer satisfaction. We do not remain in doubt while referencing our work. Because we complete our work to satisfy our customers.

Turnkey Projects

After seeing a live example of the pattern you want, we move on to the projecting process. In your wall covering works, we complete the process from the beginning to the end and undertake your turnkey projects.

What are we doing ?

We provide services in the field of wall decoration. We customize your living spaces with culture brick, culture stone, clinker brick, split face stone, fiber wall panels, ceramic block, polyurethane logs.
You dream, we deliver your dreams.

Fiber Wall Panel

Customize your living spaces with our fiber wall panel products in various colors and textures.

Ceramic Block

Our ceramic block wall covering products are in stock with its high strength and water repellent structure.

Polyurethane Billet

Wood-like polyurethane logs as a complementary product in wall decoration processes.

Blasting Stone

Travertine split face stone, marble split face stone, natural split face stone application.

Culture Brick

Application of decorative cultural brick, cultural brick types, culture brick projects

Culture Stone

Cultural stone, stone wall covering, wall stones, various cultural stone applications.

Turnkey projects with our expert team

With our expert team, as Özdemir Group, we undertake your projects in all processes from connection to end. We have been a pioneer company in the sector for more than 20 years in the field of exterior wall covering, interior wall covering, cultural brick application, cultural stone application, wall decoration.

DekorArt Duvar Kaplama Malzemeleri - Duvar Dekorasyonu

Why U.S ?

We rely on our experience in the wall covering industry. In our understanding of service, where we are locked in customer satisfaction, we can show the projects we have completed as a reference.

1400+ Completed projects

The number of projects we have completed is over 1400 according to our official records.

100+ Expert Staff

We have over 100 employees who are experts in the field of wall covering application.

18+ Ongoing Projects

There are more than 18 projects in which we apply wall coverings with our expert staff.

Customer happiness

We mentioned at the very beginning. Before we know our customers, we continue our activities by adhering to our principles that care about their satisfaction.

We Build The Future Together

If you have any idea about what your dream house looks like, let us know. Let's do whatever it takes to get you to your dreams.